29. Evaluation of lead and cadmium in Torkay (Schizothorax plagiostomus) of Indus River at Swabi, KPK, Pakistan

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Irfan Ali, Ihtisham Ur Rahman Muhammad Uzair Mohsin Khan


The study was performed to analyze the heavy metals; cadmium and lead concentration in different tissue of Torkay (Schizothorax plagiostomus) for three months collected from Indus River at three different sites Kund, Jehangira and Ala Dair, District Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. In February, concentration of cadmium( Cd)  were maximum in gill tissue ( 0.03 gm) followed by swim bladder ( 0.02 gm) and muscle ( 0.01 gm) while lead were not detected in any tissue. Similarly in March, concentration of Cd were maximum in gill tissue (0.05 gm) followed by swim bladder (0.40 gm) and muscle no data (N.D). While in this month lead were maximum in muscle (0.02 gm) followed by swim bladder (0.01 gm) and muscle (N.D). Likewise in April, concentration of cadmium were maximum in gill tissue (0.04 gm) followed by muscle (0.03 gm) and swim bladder (N.D). In this month lead (pb) concentration were maximum in gill tissue (0.06 gm) followed by swim bladder (0.02 gm) and muscle (0.01 gm). Concluding that Cd and Pb were maximum accumulated in gill tissue (Cd=0.03gm-0.05gm and Pb=0-0.06gm), followed by muscle (Cd= 0.01gm-0.03gm and Pb=0-0.03gm) and swim bladder (Cd=0-0.04gm and Pb= 0-0.02gm). Similarly maximum cadmium was observed in March followed by April and February while maximum lead was observed in April followed by March and February. This research reviewing that accumulation of lead and cadmium has no beneficial effects inside the body of Tokay but cause severe health problems in fish as well as in human being and other aquatic organism.

Keywords: Cadmium; Indus River; Lead; Swabi; Torkay


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