23. Cross-negative effects of selective insecticides against different life stages of non-target pests, Dysdercus koenigii and Oxycarenus hyalipennis on transgenic cotton under laboratory conditions

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Waheed Ul Hassan Talha Nazir Shah Zaman, Tauqir Anwar Nawaz Haider Bashir Bushra Abid, Muhammad Dildar Gogi, Muhammad Jalal Arif


Sucking insect pests, dusky cotton bug; Oxycarenus hyalinipennis Costa and red cotton bug; Dysdercus koenigii Walk has been great threat to transgenic (Bt) cotton worldwide. Present research was carried out to determine effect of some new chemistry insecticides [Steward® 150 EC (indoxacarb), Match® 50 EC (lufenuron), Coral® 36% SC (chlorfenapyr), Scatter® 15% SC (indoxacarb), Orchard® 13.3% EW (imidachloprid + abamectin) and Snap® 10% WDG (emamectin benzoate + tebufenozide)] under laboratory conditions (28 ± 2 °C, 65-70 % relative humidity and at photoperiod of 16:8 h of Light: Dark) to determine either field recommended dose rates have contact toxicity against non-target pests Dysdercus koenigii (Pyrrhocoridae: Hemiptera) and Oxycarenus hyalipennis (Lygaeidae: Hemiptera). Insecticides having contact mode of action that are recommended against chewing insects pest have also possess toxicity against sucking insect pests for which these pesticides are not recommended. Therefore the main objective of this research was to determine the contact toxicity against O. hyalinipennis and D. koengii. Laboratory bioassay results exhibit that Match® 50 EC was most toxic against nymphs, female and male of O. hyalinipennis and D. koengii and also showed maximum results in population reduction percentage for both under investigated pests. However, Orchard® has been caused minimum population reduction of both non-target pests among the tested insecticides. While remaining four insecticides Scatter®, Steward®, Coral® and Snap® showed moderate level of toxicity against tested insect pests.

Keywords: Bioassay; Dysdercus koenigii; Insecticides; Life stages; Oxycarenus hyalinipennis; Toxicity



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